Lighting Services

Before you can go about choosing the best lighting services in your area, you have to first decide the type of lighting required by you. Is it domestic or is it commercial? Is it normal incandescent or fluorescent bulbs and tubes or the more sophisticated LED lights that you desire? Is it for your living room or bedroom or kitchen in a domestic setting or a warehouse or a retail store or a restaurant in a commercial environment? So far as lighting is concerned there are no standard cookie cutter methods to decide on the best lighting services, it depends largely on the purpose for which it is being used.

However, as a starting point, it will be relevant to know what is being offered by specialist lighting services in your area.

Commercial lighting – Establishments offering commercial lighting will generally focus on a few select areas. Hence, make a small research over the Internet of the stores in your area that provide commercial lighting and then their areas of specialisation if any. These are some of the options that you will in all probability come across.

  • Warehouse lighting – Strange as it may seem, this is a much specialised field. It is advisable to go for low energy consuming lights as warehouses are lit up almost round the clock. Further, without being too bright the luminosity must be high enough to make reading of labels easy. Choose a lighting service that has experience in this field and if necessary ask for testimonials from previous clients if available.
  • Restaurants and nightclubs – This is another unique field with requirements of exclusive lighting arrangements and the lighting service you decide on should be able to fulfil your requirements. For example, can they provide Starlight Lighting that adds to a nightclub ambience with their strobes and multi coloured LEDs in one unit? They should also be able to supply outdoor festoon lights to jazz up your outdoor space for diners preferring the outdoors on a warm balmy summer evening. If they can supply these lighting arrangements, the service is just right for you.
  • Retail store – This is another tricky area as different types of lighting will be required for separate areas in the same premises. The ambient lighting should not be gloomy and should brighten up things for your customers. Task lighting should be specific to the needs of store entrance, dressing rooms and checkout area. Then there is accent lighting which again highlights specific area. Check which lighting service in your area has experience in taking up such work on a turnkey basis before allotting the project to them.

Domestic Lighting – In this regard, you will do well to consult your architect and interior designer who can advise you on the type of lighting that will optimise the ambience in each of the rooms in your home. In most cases, they will know which lighting service will be able to meet your specific needs. The lighting supplier should be called and a plan developed by the architect and the provider of lighting service. In most cases in domestic settings, the lighting decisions are taken while the construction work is in progress.

You will also do well to get in touch with friends and family and neighbours to know the best lighting services in your area.

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