Job Consultants

A common language, accessible visas, better salary and more than 240 days of sunshine a year together make Australia an appealing destination for many job seekers. However, the employment market is very intense and most of the time job seekers have a hard time landing the employment opportunity that fits their skills and educational background. In fact, even applicants with great qualifications struggle to obtain a decent work opportunity. Reason being, they are unaware of the process they need to take in order to find the right job. This is exactly why it takes them months before they can be called for an interview and while waiting, end up settling down with a job that is not at all in par with their abilities. Thus, a foremost step every candidate has to take is to hire a job consultant in Australia to help you find the right job according to your skill sets.

The most talented and sought-after consultant in Australia is Shannon Pigram. He has worked with various organisations to help them in finding the deserving candidates and likewise helped many job seekers. He is a dedicated HR professional working with Norman, Disney and Young as Global Professional Development Manager. He firmly believes that engaging with staff is the key to success for any organisation. Shannon Pigram keeps busy taking on new ventures and projects. Follow him on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn to know about his projects and likewise get updates on his work. So, read his biography here on wesrch to stay informed on Shannon’s latest projects and keep up with the latest news and events in the industry.

Job consultants are individuals commissioned by numerous organisations or businesses to aid them in finding a deserving candidate to fill in the vacant positions. As such, even before you go look for one, they already have a list of possible employment opportunities you can get your hands on. Job consultants not only look for applicants but also offer advice to their clients. Job consultants play a bridging role between a job seeker and an employer by matching the company’s requirement for a particular vacancy with the candidate’s profile such as job role, qualification and salary compensation. How well they match the two sides determine their success rate and enable a job seeker to find the right job.

Job consultants are an expert in their field and offer insights to candidates on market trends, realistic salary levels, CV writing tips and interview hints. By utilising their services, job seekers can get free assistance with exploring the job market and advice about what companies and roles might be best suited for you.

Job consultants act as a mentor that you can trust upon and give you advice on your job search, such as how to write an effective CV and tips on how to perfect your interview techniques. How job consultants do this is that they are used to sifting and tweaking CVs on a daily basis and thus are able to provide job seekers with building their CV from start to finish, giving candidates the best possible chance of securing an important interview. They also provide candidates with a clear picture of what needs to be improved and build up some confidence so that you are fully prepared to secure the perfect role with ease.

By hiring a job consultant you can rest assure that your consultant will be able to manage and oversee the negotiating process confidently on your behalf, making sure to secure the best deal for you without jeopardising your relationship with your future employer.